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As a child, I was tall, skinny, and I wore glasses. I was an easy target and was teased. A lot. At some point, I realized that I was able to make people laugh. My sense of humor became a defense mechanism and a tool to defuse some sticky situations.


I had a chance to see Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy films that I probably shouldn’t have, but those memorable encounters ultimately planted the comedy acting seed.


My comedic journey has taken me to many comedy clubs in Florida while attending college and to Hollywood appearing at the Laugh Factory, Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv, the Ha-Ha Cafe, and other local LA clubs. I debuted at Bonkerz, a small comedy club in Altamonte Springs while attending the University of Central Florida. Shortly after, I became one of the Orlando Improv’s favorite new comics. I realized that I had something special and decided to take a shot at the “Biz” in Los Angeles. After a couple of years on the circuit, I got an agent and began auditioning for commercials all while serving in the Army Reserves. I moved to Fort Hood, Texas, and discovered Austin's growing comedy scene. I now live in Austin and am working as an actor and telling jokes.


My comedy serves as an extension of myself with my jokes displaying experiences, transitions, and perspectives in my life. I hope to make an impression in the world of comedy and entertainment following the footsteps of those who came before me.


These guys have a huge influence on my approach to writing and performing.



I loved Richard Pryor's ability to look inward at his most painful experiences and bring that honesty to his comedy. He was also a master at a voice to inanimate things.



Dave Chappelle just makes it look so easy. He's really good at staying in the pocket and taking his time with a set up which is a tricky line to walk. He's a guy I would talk to for hours. Maybe one day...



Chris Rock, to me, is a professor of truth. Brilliantly crafted jokes with a unique perspective. Absolutely a commander of the stage. You laugh and learn at his show.



I seriously thought I was Jamie Foxx in high school and college. I mimicked everything he did. He is as animated as they come. I was certainly a class clown. This is when my classmates encouraged me to do standup comedy. Probably the most multitalented entertainer I know of.



Eddie Murphy took being a comedian to rock star levels. He was like the Prince of comedy. (I won't even get started on Prince.) He always had intense eyes in his reactions in scenes. I certainly borrowed from that.

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